Sometimes it’s all the home made food you had during holidays. Sometimes, it’s a lavish vacation where you tried every cuisine you can get your hands on. Sometimes, it’s your ice-cream obsession gone out of control. We’ve all had a point in our lives when we realized we put on a few extra kilos! There begins our fight to lose weight! The rest of the world just don’t seem to understand what it is like! Here are 15 things only a person who’s trying to lose weight will understand.

1. You spend your entire evening self-conscious when you wear any of your favourite body hugging clothes.

2. You have to make a conscious decision to walk away from lavish dinner parties serving delicious food.

3. Seeing stick-thin people fills you with anger, sorrow and anguish all at the same time.

4. You start forcing leaves and fruit down your throat instead of all the sumptuous food you used to eat.

5. Every time someone cuts a birthday cake, you have to smile and disappear before you lose control and eat a piece.

6. Assholes who haven’t seen you in a while greet you by saying ‘Moti lag rahi hai tu’ even before saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’.

7. You need to microscopically analyze every photo of yours that goes up on Facebook to ensure it doesn’t show you in a bad angle.

8. You start wearing a lot of oversized, loose clothes till you feel you have lost those few extra kilos.

9. In a twisted sick, weird desperate way, you actually understand why some people are crazy enough to get liposuction.

10. You start drowning yourself in green tea, black tea and more green tea.

11. You start looking at alcohol calorie charts to figure out which drink is ok for you to have if at all you have any.

12. When you go to restaurants, the menu is meaningless to you.

13. You spend countless months in front of the mirror and countless hours on the weighing scale to see if you’ve made any progress.

14. You wear a hundred different clothes before going out because suddenly you feel you don’t look good in anything!

15. And that moment when you decide to exercise for the first time in your life!