We know people love celebrities to the point of obsession. Just look at the hordes of tweens with pictures of One Direction in their closets or Beliebers crying over Justin’s latest Instagram. Celebrity auctions are no different, and the stuff getting sold gets weirder by the day, only to be bought off by the rich and stupid.

Check out the weirdest items sold at celebrity auctions!

1. Elvis Presley’s soiled underwear sold for $8,000. His Bible on the other hand went for $94,000!

Source – dailymail

2. Katy Perry auctioned off her cupcake trampoline from the ‘California Dreams’ video for a hearty $5000.

It all went towards relief for those hit by the Tsunami in Japan.

Source – smosh

3. Justin Bieber auctioned his baby Boa constrictor off for a cool $1000.

Damn child millionaires!

Source – waleg

4. Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten French toast was sold to an N’Sync fan for over $3000!

Someone please buy my toast?

Source – uproxx

5. Jennifer Lawrence’s sports bra from the movie Silver Linings Playbook went for $3400.

Relax, Sarojini sells them for like Rs.200, no worries.

Source – nydailynews

6. Britney Spears’ chewed bubblegum sold for a massive $14,000.

Boomer is still the best though.

Source – gossip

7. Gentle Barns Animal Rights Foundation bought Justing Bieber’s silky smooth locks for $40,600.

Lucky animals!

Source – radioandmusic

8. After blowing her nose on the Tonight Show, Scarlett Johannson sold the tissue off for over $5000.

Let’s get snotty.

Source – myunidays

9. Michael Jackson’s soiled underwear sold for *drum roll* $1 Million!

Who buys this stuff!?

Source – duckduckgreyduck

10. Niall Horan, a member of pop group One Direction, had his half eaten toast almost get sold for $100,000.

I guess people just really love toast.

Source – news

11. John Lennon’s housekeeper sold off his extracted tooth (which was a gift to him from John) for $31,000.

That’s a creepy gift John.

Source – theq

12. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s bag of breath went for $523.

Losing faith in humanity, one point at at a time.

Source – cnn

13. One lock of Elvis Presley’s hair sold for $15,000.

Rapunzel, are you listening?

Source – aceshowbiz

14. A racy picture of a topless Madonna from a photoshoot went for $23,000.

Can’t argue with that.

Source – camloot

15. A letter by Albert Einstein challenging the idea of God went on sale with an opening bid of $3 million.

He died a year after this letter was written.

Source – sociedadd

Anyone wants to buy my kidneys? Opening bid: Rs 50.