With huge amounts of sugar and caffeine, it is no mystery that fizzy drinks are harmful for your body. Nobody thinks twice before picking up a can of Coke, be it during a movie, at a restaurant or at home. It sounds very extreme when people say that it can be substituted as a toilet cleaner, but is it really?

This infographic by The Renegade Pharmacist tells exactly what happens to the body when you consume Coke and it might make it tough for you to pick it up a fizzy drink with your next meal.

So what exactly happens when you drink it?

In the first 10 minutes of Coke consumption:

Huge amount of sugar hits your system. The phosphoric acid cuts the flavour so you don’t puke it all out.

In 20 minutes of the consumption:

Your blood sugar spikes due to the high level of sugar. It makes your liver turn it into fat.

In 40 minutes of Coke consumption:

Caffeine gets completely absorbed in your system. Your pupils dilate and blood pressure rises. There is high sugar stream in your blood which makes the adenosine receptors in your brain to prevent drowsiness .

In 45 minutes of Coke consumption:

Your body’s dopamine production boosts and stimulates the pleasure centres of your brain. This is the same way your body reacts to heroin.

In 60 minutes of Coke consumption:

The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine which provides a boost to your metabolism.

After 60 minutes of Coke consumption:

The caffeine’s diuretic properties make you want to pee and you evacuate necessary nutrients of your body, like bonded calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, electrolyte and water. The nutrients which leave your body could have been used to keep you hydrated and your bones stronger .

Who knew a can of Coke could do so much damage?