Nothing feels better than sleeping well at the end of the day. Sometimes however, we wake up with an uncomfortable feeling because of unsettling dreams. We find ourselves wondering what do these dreams mean. Here are the most likely interpretations of some of the most commonly occurring dreams :

1. Falling from a height

Have there been times when you have woken up, startled, because you dreamt that you were falling from a great height? These dreams occur in all probability because you find yourself losing control in real life.

2. The danger sign keeps appearing in one way or other

If you keep running past danger signs in your dreams, you probably need to rethink your decisions. Because according to psychiatrists, it is a sign that you might have taken a decision that you did not want to or should not have.

3. Becoming a killer or committing suicide

Rest assured, you don’t necessarily want to kill someone in real life, even if you dream of it. It just means that you want to see some serious transformation in yourself in real life.

4. Flying

If you dream that you have been flying around like a free bird, it is one of the most amazing feelings. It also means that you feel in control in real life.

5. Being chased by a predator

A predator keeps chasing you while you run at breakneck speed, your lungs ready to burst. You wake up and think, ‘Thank God it was just a dream’. But don’t rejoice so quickly. You are probably feeling threatened by something in real life.

6. Any calm water body

Calm, serene waters are a sign of a calm mind. You are actually at peace with yourself if they keep visiting your dreams.

7. Being trapped somewhere

You dream that you are trapped somewhere, struggling to escape but to no avail. And then you wake up – worried, relieved that it was just a dream. If this happens frequently with you, it probably means that you badly want to escape something in real life.

8. Recurring appearances of demons

Dangerous demons lurking around streets and skies of your dream world are symbolic of repressed emotions. Your consciousness sees them as demons because they keep trying to rise in spite of repeated efforts to keep them under control.

9. Sitting in a classroom, giving an exam

Finding yourself sitting in a classroom, trying to solve questions you really don’t know the answers to can be quite disturbing. If this keeps happening to you, you probably need to reevaluate your past and look for some unfinished chapters.

10. The birth of a child

You may or may not be the one having a baby, but if you keep dreaming of these births, it is probably a hint for you to make new beginnings.

11. Realising that you are dressed shabbily

You are perfectly one moment, and the next moment you realise that you are wearing the most worn out clothes possible. This means that you consider yourself extremely unattractive in real life.

12. Getting a haircut

Hair is seen as a symbol of virility. If you dream of getting a haircut repeatedly, it probably means that you are experiencing a loss in libido in real life.

13. Tied hands

You want to raise your hands to do something, but realise that they are tied. You feel helpless in the dream and most probably in your life too if this dream keep recurring.

14. Dreaming of drowning

You find yourself thrashing in your dreams as you try to come to the surface of a turbulent stream. This can be one of the most horrific dreams and are stemming from feelings of hopelessness in your real life.

15. Dreaming of running but not reaching anywhere

If you keep running in your dream but don’t reach anywhere, you are probably constantly feeling being held back in your life.

16. Dreaming of losing teeth

You keep dreaming of losing teeth again and again. It is probably because you are extremely afraid of getting old.

17. Dreaming of being naked in a public place

You are happily walking to work when you realise that you are absolutely naked. If you keep dreaming of such things happening to you, you are probably bogged down by feelings of vulnerability and insecurity in your life.

18. Dreaming of a plane crashing

This is no premonition. It just means that you can’t let go of the failed ambitions of your real life.

19. Dreaming of snakes

If these reptiles keep making an appearance in your dreams, you are probably facing some kind of an inner conflict in your life.

20. Dreaming of being late

If you keep running late for appointments in your dreams, you are probably neglecting some important part of your life. Your subconscious might also be trying to tell you that you need to pay more attention to some responsibility being neglected.

Your dreams are a window to yourself. By keeping a close watch, you could learn a lot about yourself and make life easier.