Marriages may be made in heaven but the relationship is kept alive right on earth. And that is where the complications begin. So what does one do to keep away the drama that comes along with marriage? Is keeping secrets a way out? What are the kind of secrets that partners keep?

This was the topic of an intense discussion on a Reddit thread. Redditors discussed the kind of secrets they keep from their better halves and varied opinions surfaced.

Surprisingly, some people actually have hidden bank accounts that their spouse doesn’t have a clue about. crozyguy agreed at once. “M ay be we are in different social circles? Most of my friends maintain separate hidden funds away from their wives,” he wrote. While others definitely saw “potential” in the idea.


But not all couples need to have secrets. Armyofme proudly commented saying, ” My wife and I hide nothing from each other. We know each other’s passwords for everything.” They don’t even hide their Reddit passwords! Now that is one loyal couple!

While that’s great, arun84 thinks it’s alright to respect each others privacy. ” When it comes to money its 100% open…no secrets. But we don’t have each others passwords and as a rule, do not ask for them either,” he said.

The biggest complaint on this thread seemed to be shopping demands made by wives.


85822 thinks the idea of a separate account is smart. And he speaks from experience. “I see how enthusiastic my newly-wed cousin sisters are about draining their husband’s money on expensive clothes and shit. Also, girls who don’t want to blow away their husband’s money are a rare species,” he posted. “Rare species” huh?

And then you get to the sex. Some people are just happy to spend as long as they get sexually rewarded every night.


theguywhireadsbooks is alright with spending money as long as he’s getting “blown.” But that’s not alright if you seek for deeper commitment. latmab was quick to refute and pointed out that there’s more to marriages having her go down on you. ” Economics of marriage for blowjobs has never been a profitable investment. It undermines the institution of marriage as well,” he said.

Source: Instagram

But seriously, shopping seems to be the crux of the problem. And they claim that you can’t say no to her. “Hahaha…yeah, you try telling a woman who can’t buy her stuff because its too expensive, she’ll say stuff like, “But scotch ke liye paisa hain , sutta ke liye paisa hain , petrol aur gaadi coloring ke liye paisa hain, chaddi kharidne paisa hain etc etc etc,” which will end in a humongous emotional blackmail clusterfuck and a night on the couch alone with subsequent passive aggressive arguments and forced politeness for a week,” wrote TejasK .

While some agreed readily that they already hide some of their salary, others think marriage should be based on trust.


“No! If you can’t trust them, you shouldn’t marry them,” opined rockinpossum . Thank God many others seemed to agree.

There are all kinds of people in the world and all kinds of different opinion. As much as I think exploiting your spouse for shopping isn’t the greatest virtue, is keeping secrets the real solution? Food for thought.

What’s your opinion?