If I had a rupee for every time the sexiest possible pair of sunglasses looked like garbage on my face, I’d be able to afford the sexiest possible pair of sunglasses out there. But the point is to find one that makes sure I’M the sexy one.

Turns out there actually are rules to what frames look good on what face shapes. And we’ve brought an all-you-need-to-know guide to everything from figuring out what shape your face is, to finding your perfect set of frames.

1. The Square-Shaped Face

A broad forehead, strong jawline both generally proportional and wide cheekbones.


The curved angles of the Aviators help soften the sharpness of the jaw.

Round lenses

The perfectly rounded lenses perfectly contrast the pointy features and prominent forehead.

Oval frames

Simpler oval frames would serve to similiarly tone down the crisp angles of the face.

2. The Heart-Shaped Face

A broad forehead that tapers to a pointed, narrow chin. High and angled cheekbones.


Visibly angular Wayfarers balance the varying widths of the face.

Rounded frames

The roundness of the frame can help accentuate the cheekbones and highlight the lips.

Shield lenses

These subtly take the focus off the forehead and draw it down.

3. The Oval Face

A gently curved jawline slightly narrower than the forehead and a chin area that’s just a bit wide.

Wrap-style lenses

They provide the face with a bold and sharp finish. Make sure they’re not too big, though.


A classic look, the Aviators are yet another safe bet for the oval-faced.

Cat-eye frames

Create a funky contrast to the curved lines of the face with these.

4. The Oblong Face

A long forehead and a jawline that gently make way for a prominent chin and a long nose.

Square frames

These are a sure to add fierce angles and a compactness to the long face.

Butterfly frames

Another way to distract from the vertical tendency of the face are the butterfly frames.

5. The Round Face

A soft face with full cheeks and no strong angles at the jawline.

Cat-eye frames

This chic choice serve to give a slight upsweep to show off those great cheeks.

Semi-rimless frames

These glasses are a good way to draw the eye up and create the illusion of a narrower chin.

Square frames

They add an edge to the otherwise rounded and proportionate face.

6. The Diamond-Shaped Face

A highly angular face with a defined narrow chin, this is widest at the temples.


Try these as a timeless linear contrast to your edgy features.

Butterfly frames

The angles of the butterfly frames can be a funky look as well as accentuate the narrow forehead.

Oval frames

Its soft edges will round off the temple – the widest part of the face.

7. The Triangle-Shaped Face

A wide forehead and contrasting pointed chin with well-defined high-cheekbones.

Rectangular frames

That particularly narrow chin can be drawn away from, with rectangular frames narrowing the temple.

Wrap-style lenses

They are a bold way to compliment your lips and chin since it creats an illusion of length.

So go out and get yourself your dream pair and never look back. Unless someone cute’s standing there – ’cause God knows you’ll want to show these off.