In front of people, we’re the picture of propriety. Nothing is ever out of place, no gross things happen, and our craziness is very, very contained. When we’re on our own, however, it’s a whole different scene. Here are just a few things we all indulge in, when no one is looking our way!

1. Gorge on food like nobody’s business

Must. Eat. Everything.

2. Pretend to give an award acceptance speech

“Thank you! I’d like to thank…”

3. Sing the cheesiest songs in full volume


4. Put on a mini fashion parade just for yourself

So much swag!

5. Steal the last piece of chocolate from the fridge

How do you know it’s me?!

6. Practice comebacks

Hey, comeback paralysis is a very real thing. Okay?

7. Stalk everyone. Everyone.

“Ooh so that’s who he’s dating now?”

8. Day dream about various romantic scenarios featuring you and partner*

*Erm, you know potential partners and dream partners included.

9. Shamelessly lech at hot people


10. Binge watch shows we wouldn’t ever admit to watching

Back to back episodes of Bigg Boss coming right up!

11. Jump a red light

No one saw it, okay?!

12. Make faces at the mirror

Pagalpanti bhi zaroori hai!

13. Belch…

14. Fart…

15. Scratch…

16. Pop pimples…

17. *Other gross bodily functions*

18. Walk around the without the pants

Home is where the pants are not!

19. Oil our hair and roam around in our oldest, fugliest clothes


20. Take a quick look at our neighbour’s laptop

Gossip, gossip, gossip!

21. Download stuff over the office Internet

*cough* porn *cough*

22. Sneak in late


As long as no one saw you, your secrets are safe!