A collective of artists (or maybe one very energetic artist) going by the name ‘GuessWho’ has been putting up some really interesting artwork on the walls around the Fort Kochi area in Kochi.

The anonymity of the work makes it even more intriguing.

It’s all about the art, not the artist.

This way the art can be about anything.

A mish-mash of styles…

…and cultures.

GuessWho’s intention is to take art mainly to those who are not otherwise interested in it and start a dialogue.

By choosing to stay anonymous, the artist makes it easy for the art to be the central focus.

The anonymity also prevents the viewer from judging the artist based on gender, religion, caste, ideology, etc.

Which is the perfect platform to make a statement through street art.

Which, if you think of it, is illegal.

This means, the artist has to wrap up his/her work quickly.

This explains why GuessWho chooses wheatpaste posters over spray paint or stencils.

Yes, the graffiti might not last for a long time…

…but that isn’t the purpose.

Rather, the idea is to make a statement.

To initiate a discussion about the importance of art.

And how it needs to be a part of our lives again.

Because art is what makes us human…

…and it’s for everyone.