As Indians, we consume cricket in every way possible. Whether India is losing or winning, what matters to us is the joy that we derive from watching the magnificent tussle between bat and ball. As cricket fever reaches new heights with the 2015 World Cup just a few days away, our world is going to revolve only around cricket for the next month or so! As a run up to the World Cup, why not take this simple quiz and find out how well you handle cricket lingo in everyday situations!

1. When KRK tweets about something, it’s mostly:

2. When you see a beautiful girl pass by, you are:

3.When you try to avoid a question, you:

4. If you are caught napping in office, you are:

5. When you hit bad times in life, you:

6. When your teacher gives you a surprise test, you are:

7. When you have to meet a deadline by the end of the day, you have time:

8. When somebody dies after living a long life, he has:

9. When you are being diplomatic, you:

10. When you speak something very frankly, you:

11. When you’ve had a long night in bed with your partner, you have:

12. If you flunk in the same exam thrice, that’s a:

13. If you are suspicious of someone, you:


How will you use these Lingos with Lay’s in everyday life situations to get to the Cricket? The folks at Lay’s want to know. Participate here and you can win tickets to the 2015 World Cup in Australia!