They are suave. They are smooth. And they are sophisticated. Just like their whiskey. Whiskey drinkers are a group of alpha males who leave an impact wherever they go. Here are 15 signs that say you’re a man meant for the malt.

1. Even a beautiful sunrise pales in comparison to the sight of two ice cubes floating in golden whiskey held within a whiskey glass.

2. If there’s good news, you celebrate with whiskey.

If there’s bad news, you get over it with whiskey.

3. You don’t “crack jokes” when you are drinking whiskey. You engage in “witty conversation”.

4. Whiskey tastes even better when you’re sporting your favourite suit.

5. Boisterous parties and noisy drunkeness don’t appeal to you anymore.

6. You cannot even throw away the empty bottles of the finest single malts you have in your possession.

7. Your favourite part about Mad Men isn’t the riveting drama, it’s the part where Don pours himself a whiskey and has it.

8. You generally have a group of younger men looking up to you and idolizing you.

9. You exude an aura of maturity and “no-nonenseness” which consequently makes you a favourite amongst women.