25th August, 2015, is Whiskey Sour Day the world over and I personally believe that commemorating one of the traditional cocktails is a brilliant idea! A whiskey sour is a cocktail that first originated in Wisconsin, USA, around 2 centuries ago. It’s as simple as you can get and still be called a cocktail. There is a base spirit, water, sugar, and a citrus element, usually lemon. Later, the egg was added as a creamy, frothy element to the cocktail. It made the cocktail slightly smoother and also looks great in the glass. Today, whiskey sour is served both ways, with or without the egg white.

If you happen to be in New Delhi and are in the mood for some celebration, here are 10 places you can head to for some whiskey sour:

1. Hauz Khas Social

Social is easily the most favourite place in Hauz Khas Village. It is spacious, has an amazing view and a brilliant ambience. The music and food are great too. But what makes it really stand out is its take on cocktails. The whiskey sour is also served with a twist. Labelled as ‘Old Smoke’, it is a blend of Whiskey, Orange Zest Oil and Sweet & Sour Mix.

Where: 9A & 12, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110013

Whiskey Sour Price: 280 (With I.M.F.L) / 350 (With Jim Beam) (Without Taxes)


2. TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is best known for its appetizers, burgers and its amazing blend of cocktails. Their whiskey sour is as traditional as it gets. Made with Signature Premier Whiskey and Fresh Sour Mix, it’s guaranteed to tantalize your tangy taste buds.

Where : Multiple Locations

Whiskey Sour Price : 360 (Without Taxes)


3. The Library Bar, The Leela Palace

The Library Bar is a classy and fun bar in The Leela Palace, stocked with the finest whiskeys and a nice range of cigars. It’s a perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy your drinks in peace. Their whiskey sour is served in the traditional manner, as well as with a twist! The latest spin on the cocktail is the Yuzu juice, which is made of the East Asian citrus fruit, Drambuie, a blend of whiskey and honey liqueur.

Where: The Leela Palace, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Whiskey Sour Price: 975 (Without Taxes)

Source: GT Spirit

4. Out Of The Box

OTB is an old favorite of frequent Hauz Khas Village visitors. A sprawling terrace makes it a truly charming place. Their selection of drinks is a mix of new and old. Their whiskey sour is a classic cocktail, and they also have its pitchers.

Where: 9 A, Second & Third Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Whiskey Sour Price: 410 (Without Taxes)

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5. Raasta, Cyber Hub

Raasta is one of the most happening places in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. It has excellent outdoor seating and good music. Even though they are known for their Bongtails, their whiskey sour is also pretty good. Called Kentucky Sour, it is made with Jim Beam, Fresh Lime, Sugar Syrup and topped with Egg White.

Where: 2nd Floor, DLF Cyber Hub, Cyber City, Gurgaon

Whiskey Sour Price: 395 (Without Taxes)


6. Geoffrey’s

Geoffrey’s is a typical British pub bang in the middle of South Delhi. It serves delicious world cuisine and has a tastefully stocked bar. Their Whiskey Sour is as simple as it gets. Added lime juice and sugar to spice up the taste of whiskey!

Where: S 21 & 22, 2nd Floor, Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi 110017

Whiskey Sour Price: 395 (Without Taxes)


7. Gastronomica

Gastronomica is a quaint little place in GK, and has an interesting menu of food and drinks. Their whiskey sour is also served with a fresh twist of nimbu ka achar . Yes, you read that right! Their version of whiskey sour gets it tanginess from a hit of nimbu ka achar .

Where: 2nd Floor, M-55, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1

Whiskey Sour Price: 399 (Without Taxes)


8. Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy

This is one of best cocktail bars in NCR and serves amazing drinks with great food. Small and cozy, the deliver what they claim- Dreamy Cocktails. Their whiskey sour is labelled Scotch Sour and is simply Scotch shaken with egg white, lime and sugar.

Where: SCO 23 Part, Sector 15-2, Gurgaon

Whiskey Sour Price: 420 (Without Taxes)


9. Summer House Cafe

Summer House Cafe is one of the top restaurants in New Delhi, serving a mix of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. They have an eclectic mix of cocktails and drinks to suit every taste. Their whiskey sour is called Old Fashioned and is simply whiskey with muddled orange rind and castor sugar.

Where: 1st Floor, DDA Shopping Complex, Aurobindo Place, Hauz Khas,

Whiskey Sour Price: 420 (Without Taxes)


10. Hard Rock Cafe, Gurgaon

From hand-crafted drinks in their bar area to savoury dishes from their kitchen, flavour always takes centre stage at Hard Rock Cafe. Their whiskey sour is a classic cocktail, labelled as Backstage Pass and is made of Bourbon, Peach Syrup and Orange Zest!

Where: Unit 4/5/104/105, R Block, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Whiskey Sour Price: 475 (Without Taxes)


So have a fun Tuesday with your classic Whiskey Sour. Cheers!