Anxiety is described as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Unfortunately, some of us know this feeling all too well. We can’t help worrying about us, our friends, our jobs, our relationships, India’s performance in the World Cup and, basically, anything under the sun. Anxiety is not a condition, it is a way of life for us. And even if we try not to worry, we end up worrying about that. Here are 15 things that only an anxious person will relate to:

1. Something or the other is always troubling you.

2. Making decisions doesn’t come easy to you.

3. And even when you have made a decision, you end up changing your mind at the last minute.

4. Examination results have always scared you.

5. So have interviews.

6. This is how you feel when you meet someone known on the road, or when it’s not planned…

7. If someone doesn’t answer your messages or take your call in one go, you assume something is wrong.

8. If you’re in a relationship, every thing that your partner does makes you feel suspicious.

If they buy you flowers, you think they are trying to make up for something wrong they did, and if they don’t, you think they are going to dump you.

9. Driving is a pain because you think you will get hit.

10. If you catch a cold, you dread the worst and think you’ll die.

11. If an unknown number calls you, this is how you feel.

12. If someone says, “We need to talk,” it feels like the end of the world for you.

13. Even when you have locked the door before sleeping, you can’t help not checking twice.

14. And the sound of a door creaking is enough to freak you out.

15. You just can’t go to bed and sleep without thinking of a thousand things that might happen to you.