Some people like to curl up at home in a blanket and just spend their days watching TV, but for a lot of others, that’s basically being sentenced to death by boredom. There’s magic in the world and never enough time to experience it, which usually gives rise to what some people call the itchy feet syndrome. If you just crave to go somewhere on an impulse and do things without a plan, then you’ll probably connect with these traits.

1. Being cooped up at home drives you crazy and you love to get out every chance you get.

2. You’re always on the go, discovering and exploring new places.

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3. Planning is just not for you. If a scene is out of sight, then it’s definitely out of mind.

4. Hunger pangs aren’t something you can just get rid of. You NEED to hit up that distant cafe and eat that special bacon quiche!

5. Immediate gratification is basically your best friend and your worst enemy… but mostly your best friend.

6. You hate waiting. It’s worse than doing something useless. In fact, you love doing something pointless, it’s usually the most fun!

7. You love meeting new people and trying new things at the spur of the moment.

8. And surprises are always welcome, especially if it’s the party kind!

9. You’re up for anything at the drop of a hat, whether it’s learning to swim or climbing a mountain!

10. The first thing you want to do in the morning is try something new. You’re like Alice, just itching to go to Wonderland!

11. You are someone who never says NO. You don’t believe in postponing happiness.

12. This has happened to you more than once.

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