Over the past few days, something awesome has been happening on Twitter. The King of Bhangra Daler Mehndi and EDM legend deadmau5 have been deep in conversation. Behold the saga of Dalermau5.

It all started with an innocuous tweet from Daler Mehndi.

And then something happened that no one would have ever guessed. Deadmau5, who is coming to India to play at Sunburn this year, tweeted a reply to Mehndi, asking him to hang out.

Daler Mehndi, who didn’t really know that deadmau5 is an international EDM sensation, thought he was just another fan and good naturedly said

Still clueless…

Nope. Still nothing.

Understandably, deadmau5 was a little disappointed.

An excited fan finally broke through.

Then came the realization. Better late then never!

To which deadmau5 responded immediately.

Daler went one step ahead and asked for his contact details.

And then came the tweet that won the internet.

Followed by an even legendary one.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, deadmau5 put this up on his Instagram yesterday.

In fact, deadmau5 even said something that must have caused Yo Yo Honey Singh quite some heart-burn.

The two musicians bonded big time. Here’s Daler with a deadmau5 T-Shirt.

And here he is being really “Aww.”

deadmau5 on his part, retweeted this pic from one of his fans.

Predictably, the internet went nuts. Here are a few reactions.