Wine and cheese have been wed to each other for centuries, but like we all know, not every wine goes with every cheese! There are some pairs that carelessly make a match but for most of us who have to painstakingly strike a reasonable balance considering the fat, acidity, tannin and texture of the cheese, you can hope to get a bit more daring and confident with a little know-how!

We have broken down the art of wine and cheese pairing for you, so you can easily understand the combinations and go on to creating your own pair, like a boss!

Blue Cheese

Has a reputation for being pungent. It has a salty, sharp and tangy taste to it, with a slight/heavy blue tinge.

Here are some different types of blue cheese to go with these wines. Have your pick!

Fresh Cheese

Strikingly soft and creamy, it is made from fresh cow/goat milk. It is spreadable. The taste may be tangy or mild.

Know which wine to pick when you have a stock of fresh cheese!

Bloomy Cheese

Bloomy cheese has a thin and edible rind with a soft, creamy texture. It is made from pasteurised or raw milk.

Hard Cheese

It is stiff and can be aged. Hard cheese often boasts of a sharp and/or salty flavour.

This is your cheat sheet for the perfect pairing with these different types of hard cheese

Be sure to serve wine and cheese at their proper temperature to bring out the best flavour. Serve a white at 45°F, red at 60°F, and refrigerate the cheese for 30 to 60 minutes before serving. For extra pointers, you can even use a nice marble slab or a wooden board after refrigerating the cheese, if you don’t have a cheese tray!

For the most versatile cheese, the award goes to Parmigiano Reggiano. It pairs well with reds and whites, bubbles and no bubbles.

The most versatile choice for wine is the Reisling, hands down! If you are ordering for a cheese platter and are utterly confused regarding the choice of wine that should go with it, just go for a Reisling and witness the miracle!

Pamper those taste buds well!