“Wine.” The very word has a certain elegance attached to it. Perhaps that’s the reason why wine lovers are a class apart as well. A wine lover does things differently. His/her DNA is not like a normal person’s. Here are 12 signs that say you are meant for a lifetime of wine!

1. Red or White becomes the toughest question in your life.

2. Every time you sip wine from a wine glass you are transported straight to France.

3. You even start to sip water like you’re sipping wine.

4. You are repulsed by bad wine.

5. You know every food that goes with wine and you’ve had them all.

6. You feel like you’re part of an elite club of distinguished gentlemen and ladies.

7. You get annoyed when people call wine an alcoholic drink because for you it means a lot more.

8. When you’re out drinking with your buddies you’re the only one who sits like this.

9. You find yourself explaining to lesser mortals the fascinating ways in which wine is made.

10. Even getting drunk on wine is a classy experience.

11. Visiting the amazing vineyards across the world is number one on your to-do list.

12. And finally, you feel being a professional wine taster is the best job in the world.

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