After months and months of being warned that winter is coming , the cold climate is finally upon us. While many of us are loving the chilly feeling and snuggling in our blankets, there are others who just can’t stand winter. If you aren’t fond of winters, you will be able to relate to these 20 struggles:

1. It’s so freaking cold all the time!

2. The days are shorter and they end as soon as they start.

It gets dark by 5.30 pm!

3. You’re always sneezing and your nose is always runny.

4. Your bed and blanket are too cold to sleep in.

5. And when you do get comfortable, getting up is life’s biggest struggle!

6. All the layers make you look like a big, fat teddy bear!

7. Taking a shower in winter is next to impossible.

How can you take a bath when the temperate is less than 0°c!

8. And when you do plan to take a bath, the wait for the geyser to heat up seems endless.

9. Covered in all the layers, you don’t realize that you’re putting on the kilos!

It only strikes you when summer arrives!

10. You can’t flaunt all the fancy clothes you own!

11. Monkey caps!


12. Winter = dry skin, chapped lips and bad hair days.

Makes getting ready much harder.

13. You end up eating and eating some more.

Winter weight blues – Oh look, food! *Gulp*

14. Everyday is like this during winter.

15. Travelling becomes a headache.

Don’t even get me started about packing.

16. The dip in temperature is directly proportional to work productivity.

The lower the temperature, the lesser work one does.

17. You just don’t feel like going out. All you want to do the entire day is curl up in your blanket.

18. Even small chores like getting ready and eating become big tasks.

19. You can’t even take a dump properly.

The toilet seat feels like this:


20. Frozen toes – the struggle is real.

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