Women do a lot of things; some good, some bad, some totally stupid, and some rad! We fall in love, get attached, gossip, have regrets, stalk our exes on social media, think too much and worry about looking perfect. We would be better off without some of these worries. Of course, you should break up with that guy who treats you like shit, but that is not the only thing that you should be breaking up with. Here is a list of 18 things that women need to break up with right now.

1. Social media addiction

You are spending all your time feeling miserable about your life when you see others having fun or doing well. Just log out. Yes, it is as simple as that.

2. Stalking your exes

We are all guilty of doing this, right? He is not coming back and it’s high time you finally let it go for good.

3. That guy who treats you like shit.

So there is this guy you really like, but he treats you like shit. Why are you still hanging out with him, again? If you do not respect yourself, no one else would.

4. Bitching

Sure girls like to gossip, but don’t cross the fine line between gossiping and bitching. It will do you no good.

5. Over thinking

Am I looking fat in this dress? For how long should I wait before replying to him? Should I buy this or that? Stop over thinking and do whatever the hell you want to.

6. Holding on to things

Women tend to be overly emotional and attached to people and things. I can say that from first-hand experience. But has it ever done us any good? Never. Let go of things. Breathe in and out and get back in the grind.

7. Planning every little thing in life.

Most of us get exicted about even the tiny details of life. It is great to plan things in advance, but believe you me, you don’t have to worry about everything all the time. Source I blog.banter.me

8. Body shaming each other

Body shaming is the worst thing that a woman can do to another woman. What’s the point of bringing someone else down? Shed your preconceived notions about the perfect body image. If women body shame other women, media and men will obviously follow suit.

9. Selfish friends

You are at a stage in life when you have had enough drama. You don’t need the kind of friends who are only there for you when they need you. It is finally time to say goodbye to selfish friends. You’ve had enough of them already.

10. Fear of being perfect

What does perfect even mean? I don’t know one person who looks perfect and has it all sorted. Remember, there is perfection in the imperfect. Stop judging yourself and just be!

11. The clothes you don’t wear

How many of us have clothes piled up in our cupboards that we never wear? Throw them out, or give them to someone who needs them more than you do.

12. Grudges against that girl

There is no point in holding grudges against anyone. Forgive them and if that is something that you cannot do, forget them.

13. Feeling guilty about spending money on yourself

You have earned that money after slogging your ass at work. Don’t be guilty about spoiling yourself a little bit.

14. Shopping addiction

However, at the same time, don’t get addicted to useless shopping. I agree that it’s like therapy and lifts your mood whenever you feel low, but if you are only buying things for the sake of it, you really need a reality check. Buy clothes that you need, not the ones that you want. This way you’ll save a lot of money for other things.

15. Binge eating

How many of us are guilty of binge eating when happy, sad or angry? Most of us! Stop binge eating. It’s good to count your calories sometimes.

16. Emotional drama

Every women’s life is full of emotional drama. You can either choose to be a part of it, or just let it be. Trust me, the latter option is much better.

17. Hating other women and men

Seriously, what’s the point? We are all adults and we should start behaving like that.

18. Giving up

Be strong. Take charge and go out there and do your own thing.

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