Do you know how love works? First you fall for it, then you fight it, but eventually, sweet revelations happen and you come to terms with it. You accept it and love it. That’s exactly where I am. It took me a while but now being called a ‘bitch’ is, well, not a big deal. Don’t get me wrong here; I hear it from everyone, men and women, both.  But I am starting to enjoy it. Here’s why:

1. Your definition of a ‘bitch’ is ridiculous and redundant but makes me laugh anyway.

I simply cannot comply with it but that’s okay. Whatever helps you sleep the night!

2. Just like how my opinion makes no difference to you, yours doesn’t to me. Fair, I suppose?

Your old-world norms, narrow-minded thinking and whatever the hell you want to impose on the world… guess who gives a fu**?

3. I want to walk, tall and proud, and not care about you misjudging it to be my arrogance.

So I like minding my own business and not really smile at every awkward stranger I come across. Makes me arrogant? Your call, bro.

4. I don’t have a problem in being called a ‘bitch’ if that means I get to make my own decisions.

5. I like late night walks and stargazing with my boyfriend. I don’t understand why you have a problem with that.

6. Sometimes getting wasted is fun too. I get it, you don’t drink and don’t like it, but I don’t mind you calling me a ‘bitch’, honestly!

7. I might have commitment issues and casual dating works for me. But go ahead, label me. It’s all good.

Slut-shaming, are we?

8. My boyfriend lives in a different city but when I really want to go dancing, I go with my guy friend!

You can continue with the slut-shaming.

9. I cannot apologize for having too many relationships gone wrong. I’m only human.

Sometimes things don’t work out. Cut me some slack, will you?

10. Some people piss me off and I can’t help but abuse the crap out of them. For all legitimate reasons, of course.

11. My colleagues/classmates are awesome. There are days we hang out after work/class. And no, it’s not flirting. You can think whatever you want to.

At least, I am happy!

12. You see me walk into my house really late almost every night and I love that look on your face.

I have a life, yaar ! Take it easy, please?

13. Sometimes, I like wearing pajamas, sometimes a deep cleavage dress, sometimes a bikini. I wonder when these started to define ‘bitch’.

14. My fancy hairstyles and clothes which, by the way, you don’t like, are the most liberating things about me!

15. I like sex and I know you do too.

‘Bitch till I die’ if that’s what it has come to.

16. I buy condoms and contraceptives when I must. And shit will happen if I stop myself and care about your judgment!


17. I am an independent woman and on certain days, I just want to be alone. You know, like go to movies or coffee shops alone? I like it.

Are you calling me a ‘careless bitch’ now?

18. I am single, 25+, and I haven’t found love. In fact, I don’t think I want to marry and settle down till I feel like. Come on, once more, ‘ bitch’ please?

19. My girls, both single and married, and I, make you the butt of our jokes when we get together.

20. I am growing up. Learning. Making mistakes. Exploring. And your attitude towards me has only made it better!

21. You’ll misunderstand this article and call me a ‘bitch’. And I’m going to love it!

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