We always see women flashing their ‘assets’ and dancing around the beach in movies, and sure, guys drools over that stuff. The things is, there’s probably hours upon hours of make-up and hair care going into that. Most girls spend a pretty huge amount of time getting ready, but people like different things, and sometimes, the smallest gesture and the most incongruous habit might be what makes a guy fall for a girl.

The allure of a person actually lies in the little things .Check out some of the things that women do that men have admitted to finding incredibly sexy.

1. When they flick their hair out from their eyes – Innocence incarnate.

2. When they’ve just woken up and have no make up on.

3. When they’re eating your favourite food (Ice cream baby!)

4. When they talk about their favourite interests and just keep going on, even if it’s totally ridiculous.

5. When they bite their lips while thinking about something.

6. When they have a consistently positive attitude and a smile that’s just infectious.

7. When they dance with absolute abandon. It doesn’t matter if they’re doing the robot or the shuffle!

8. When they don’t get stuck up on the small and petty things. That’s when you can tell they have a free soul.

9. When they’ve come back from outside in the winter and their faces are all red and flushed. Oh yeah!

10. When they laugh without any inhibitions. Even the odd snort in the middle can’t ruin that!

11. When they’re comfortable in their own skin and don’t mind being themselves around people.

12. When they’re super sleepy but staying awake just for you.

13. When they’re working out and they get that natural glow.

14. When they can handle themselves even after a few drinks.

15. When they don’t know just how beautiful they really are and go about their lives like that.

There you go girls, now you know!