Women are often termed the “weaker sex” with reference to men. And not just by men, but by other women too. Based on some unfortunate discourses and cultural qualms, along with favouring debates on men being stronger based on body strength and power, people always assume that women are inherently weak.

Yes, we may not be as efficient as men in lifting a hundred kilos or aggressively fighting our way across situations. But there are many other scientific facts that make us stronger. These 10 facts are sheer proofs of the same:

1. Women tend to live 6-7 years longer than men.

Research shows we do. In fact, by the age of 85, there are roughly 6 women to every 4 men. At the age of 100, the ratio is more than 2 to 1. Can’t say, I’m surprised!

Source: Lollitop

2. We have the intrinsic strength to take on childbirth, which is one of the most painful and exhausting processes of mankind.

Let’s not even begin to explain the amount of pain childbirth causes. We have much greater lower-back and pelvis strength to sustain hours of labour and finally push out a baby from our groins!

Source: Huffingtonpost

3. We have greater resistance to extreme cold.

We have a deeper insulating layer of fat under our skin based on researches , which primarily helps in keeping the foetus warm prior to childbirth. It’s surprising how we can be extremely skinny and yet have enough fat to nourish a baby!

Source: Huffingtonpost

4. Thanks to an extra X in our genetic structure, we are at lesser risks of inheriting Hemophilia, a disease which prevents blood from clotting.

This X-linked genetic disorder mostly affects males, primarily because they do not have an extra X to neutralize its carrier effects.

Source: Huffingtonpost

5. Women have significantly stronger immune systems.

Ever heard of estrogen’s immunity boosting influence? According to the latest study by Dr Maya Saleh of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre and McGill University, women have a more powerful immune system than men, all thanks to our estrogen influences!

Source: Thescandinavianremedy

6. We are now outperforming men in IQ Tests.

According to James Flynn, a world renowned expert in IQ testing , women have finally outsmarted men. Who’s smart, eh?

Source: Webshor

7. We are better drivers too.

This one is for all the men who think women can’t drive! According to statistics , men are 3.4 times more likely to drive rash. In your face, men!

Source: Womenonwheels

8. And are better decision-makers than men!

According a 2013 study published in International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics , women are better leaders and more thoughtful of others when it comes to decision making. How’s this for women empowerment?

Source: Oneyearmba

9. Time to start using ‘money-women’ because we’re better investors too!

In fact, studies reveal that for men, it’s more of a macho thing and that they’re likely to trade 45% more than women investors. Looks like the ‘male-ego’ is responsible for their sinking ships!

Source: Pixshark

10. Finally, our mensuration cycles are not just a curse.

From getting hints on any kind of potential disease and being a natural cleanser for our systems to ultimately slowing down our aging process , periods are a blessing in disguise that make us stronger than ever. Who knew!

Source: Emailday.blogspot

Next time you call us the “weaker sex”, think about this article!