Every guy loves his friends, and times spent with one’s bros is usually the most fun you can have. While bromance is all well and good, we sometimes forget to appreciate just how much the women in our lives contribute to our entire persona. Whether it’s the woman who brought you into the world and taught you the basics or the female friend who sets you up with the love of your life, there are so many ways in which women make a man’s life beautiful.

These are the 13 women that make every guy a complete man:

1. Ma, the first and most beautiful woman in your life

She didn’t just bring you into the world, she supported you, helped you and is your rock. Your mother stays in your heart forever, and we can learn a thing or two about selflessness and unconditional love from her.

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2. Your sister, the support system you can bank on

You quarrelled like cats and dogs when you were younger but you always knew she had your back. That’s what a sister is – a friend and confidante who you can trust with almost anything, and who you would do almost anything for.

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3. The little girl with whom you first discovered friendship

The girl who joke around with, while your other guy friends whistle and make fun of you. This is at the age of innocence where you’re not a girl and a boy but just two friends experiencing the world.

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4. The first girl who made your heart skip a beat

The girl you could never get the cojones to tell but who nourished your young love and dreams. We all have that unforgettable first crush. Whether you’re with her today or not, she will always be the one that opened your heart to the stranger called love.

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5. The bro who helped you prove ladka ladki dost ban sakte hain

She’s the one who’ll never judge you by the guy things you do. She’s your mother, your wingman and your bro, and puts you completely at ease. With her, you learnt to stop trying too hard to be accepted.

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6. The amazing girl who wasn’t just your girlfriend but your first serious partner

The woman who taught you that love isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, and life isn’t a bed of roses. Your first serious relationship made you grow up and embrace life with all it’s problems.

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7. The cool aunt who makes you believe ‘generation gap’ is a lie

She’s the one who sneaks you slips of her drink at family scenes and convinces your mom to not get on your case so much. She’s the adult you could easily approach and the one who gave ‘relatives’ a good name.

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8. The girl who’s out of your league

The thought of talking to her makes you nervous. She so perfect, it’s hard to believe she’s for real. It’s she who makes you aim for the stars and push yourself to be better at everything you do.

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9. The cousin who’s the trusted keeper of your secrets

Pretty much like another sister, your girl cousins are just the most fun to have around, except when they’re trying to prank you.

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10. The sweetest Grandmother

Your source of constant pampering, comfort and FOOD! There’s no one sweeter in the whole world, plus conversations with them are endearing, silly and always give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

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11. The teacher because of whom you realized intelligence is beautiful

She doesn’t shy away from calling you out on your bullshit. The bold independent woman that she was, she exemplified beauty is more than what meets the eye. You also paid extra attention to her!

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12. Your soul sister

You guys may not be in a relationship or even the best of friends, but she’s the one you know will be there when you need her. She know your heart and your mind. She gets you when nobody else does, because she essentially is you.

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13. The woman you intend to spend the rest of your life with

You know you live only once. And yet, when you decide to share it with one woman, you’ve come a long way from being just a boy. She in the real sense, completes you.

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Take a little time out, appreciate and applaud these wonderful women in your life.