I think I’m currently around 10 kilos overweight. But honestly, I don’t mind stretching it to 20 or 30 if need be! Why? Because of all the tasty, yummy, savoury, rich, mouthwatering, delicious, filling, therapeutic (feel free to add adjective) FOOD in the world!

Food sees no end. And with the variety of cuisines you have around, you simply cannot EVER get enough! And honestly, I can’t think of one solid reason to hit the gym instead of eating these finger-licking good food items. Ping me, if you can think of a reason!

To begin with, just look at these mouthwatering appetizers…

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And look some more…

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Honestly, don’t you want to pounce on these?

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But why stop there when there is so much more. Like this juicy piece of steak…

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Or this perfectly wrapped, with extra mayo, chicken buffalo roll…

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And then this succulent tandoori! Isn’t it calling out to you? Aren’t you salivating already?

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I don’t know what this is, but how does it matter when it looks this tempting?

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It’s obviously not enough. Especially when you have butter chicken and naan waiting for you!

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And some daal with extra makkhan (butter) too!

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Still hungry na?

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I know, I am, given this bowl of shaahi paneer!

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And this meat so red! Definitely worth the extra calories…

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Also because, saying no to chhole-bhature can and will be held against you! Gotta eat!

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But wait, there is biryani too!

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How about we take a walk now? Because the streets have this…

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And this…

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And this too! #NeverLosingWeight

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Speaking of weight loss, how about some french fries?

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And a slice of this triangular bliss! “Hello, Dominos?”

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Ah! Only if you could eat the damn thing just by looking!

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Here’s more if that burger wasn’t alluring enough…

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This is the reason why I will forgive the Chinese if they invade us.

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I know what you’re thinking. Enough food for the time being, right? But think about it, do you really want to say NO to THIS?

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Followed by this?

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Better get your insulin level checked for the next few!

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Eh, screw the layers of flab! Savour these!

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And not count the number of chocolates, gulab jamuns and jalebis you quaff down!

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And well, after all this, there is no harm in dying fat and hungry, because who gives a shit about the weight when you can DRINK and FEEL FABULOUS!

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A few extra pounds for a bite of these seems pretty fair to me! After all, life is all about winning, not losing…

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