For most of us, there are only two options: either work or party. Finding a balance is difficult. But not for you. You work your ass off all day long and then once you get out of office, you party into the night. You know that hard work is the key to success and so, you give your 100%. But, what’s the point of working so much if you cannot have fun later, right?

Here are 15 signs that you’re one of those people who work hard and party harder!

1. You’re the party animal of your workplace.

2. You have after-work plans almost everyday of the week.

3. On the days that you don’t have plans, your colleagues are shocked.

“No plans today? Is everything okay?”

4. You finish off your work on time everyday because you’ve a party to go to later.

5. You’re upbeat and motivated everyday and for obvious reasons.

Your enthusiasm helps you at work and makes for an ever better party later. A feeling of complete bliss!

6. Everyday feels like Friday.

Most people say “Thank God! It’s Friday” . But you live with that feeling everyday!

7. You rarely feel worked up because your after-work incentives are well-set.

8. You feel all the active and proactive work you do calls for a daily celebration!

9. Your life-policy is ‘You Only Live Once’. And so, you make the most of it, everyday!

Perfect justification for working hard and partying harder!

10. Your friends/colleagues at work are always guessing your party plans!

It’s one of their favorite guessing games even if they never get it right!

11. Despite partying, you always reach office on time!

You’re never too late to arrive or leave. You have it all perfectly timed.

12. Your colleagues are amazed how hangovers and late-nights never get in the way of your work.

“How do you do it, yaar?”

13. You balance your professional and personal life, effortlessly.

14. It’s next to impossible for your colleagues to reach you after work hours.

You have a life outside office and unless it’s a life-and-death situation, you have no reason to be around.

15. Your life might be tiring but it’s happening at the same time. And so, you love it.

You work as hard as you do because your job funds for all the after-work fun which you can’t live without. A perfect setting!

So, where’s the party tonight?