They say you should never work with your best friend because it might create a rift between the two of you. Clearly, they’ve never worked with theirs because those of you who have worked with your friends will agree that it’s the best feeling ever. Spending countless hours at work with your bestie by your side is more than just fun. It’s refreshing, comforting and is an added bonus to go to work everyday.

Here are 16 reasons why working with your best friend is the best thing ever!

1. Going to work is something you always look forward to because it’s fun!

Because no matter how mundane the work gets, you can always have a gala time with your friend.

2. You guys can always cover for each other at work.

“Running late, boss ko bata de!”

“Bol diya tujhe doctor ke pass jaana tha. Chill.”

Perfect setting, isn’t it?

3. You help each other out even when you’re working on different projects.

You know about each other’s work and can always help out without expecting anything in return.

4. You have someone to run your ideas and presentations by, before taking them to your boss.

5. You don’t have to wait for a weekend to meet up or make plans.

You can always chill together at work. And after work.

6. You know there is at least one person at work who won’t judge you for being yourself.

From random selfies in the washroom to hogging at the lunch table and cracking inappropriate jokes that probably only your friend will comprehend, work time cannot get any better!

7. In fact, you can play all your dirty pranks on them without having to explain!

8. You can always count on your friend for an extra change of clothes, a mug of coffee or a hug, at work!

Especially if you’ve had a rough night.

9. They’re like your wing man when it comes to chatting up your office crush.

Who else will create convenient coffee break situations for you at work?

10. The two of you have never had to worry about following professional courtesies.

11. They’re the ones who talk you out of all your impulsive instincts at work.

12. If you have had a terrible day at work, you don’t have to talk about it after work. They already know.

All you have to do is share a drink later.

13. You can always gossip about or make fun of that one person you both dislike at work.

And you can use gestures and codes which nobody will understand!

14. There is someone always standing up for you at all your group meetings and presentations.

There are days when you’re just not your boss’s favorite or a colleague simply wants to screw with you at a meeting. Those are times when your friend comes to the rescue.

15. No other person celebrates your success at work the way they do!

16. The kind of support and assurance you get from your friend is simply the best feeling ever.

Whether you’re living alone, with your better half or with parents, your friend is the one you see more than anybody else. And they’re always around for you no matter how hectic life gets.

Your workplace eventually becomes your second home and having your best friend with you is simply an added bonus. Admit it!