So you’ve been diagnosed with cricket fever and you’re super bummed out about the awkward timings of these matches. If you don't want to miss a single match and are wondering how you should catch all of them then we have the perfect plan for you. Here are 10 ingenious ways you can watch the World Cup this year.

1. Convert an office presentation into community viewing.

Ditch that early morning presentation by getting everyone excited about the match. This way you can freely watch the match with your boss without worrying about your presentation.

2. Blame rush hour traffic if you want to watch the match.

If you want to see the beginning of the 9 am match, blame rush hour traffic. Everyone knows that 9 am is the worst time on the road, on a weekday. So you can easily catch the beginning of the match and blame your lateness on the traffic.

3. Take your girlfriend clubbing.

If your girlfriend has been cribbing about the fact that you don't give her any attention, then this is the time to prove her wrong. Take her out clubbing, dance to your hearts content, come back home and watch the match peacefully. Jab girlfriend happy tab no kind of tension during the match! #WinWin

4. Attend all first lectures to watch the match without any disturbance.

If your parents are giving you grief about missing college for the match, then go attend the first class. Thanks to the cold, the class would probably get cancelled and you can watch the World Cup, without disturbance on your phone!

5. Become besties with the Newspaper wala.

He is sure to wake you up in time for the 6:30 am match.

6. Get stuck in traffic jams to get live commentary.

Tune into the radio to get second by second updates without any judgement!

7. Take on more work

Work will keep you up late enough to watch the match and when you reach office late the next day, you can always blame it on the 'extra' work. #FoolProofPlan

8. Instead of dinner plans, catch up with your friends for breakfast.

Once the breakfast is over, it is just you and your match. That too without hearing "Bhai, tu toh milta hi nahi hai."

9. Work out in a fancy gym.

Use the odd hours to your advantage by working out in the mornings in a fancy gym that allows your to watch the match as your run on the treadmill.

10. Get a dog

Just incase your alarm clock fails, your dog will wake you up for sure. So that means, not missing any match because of sleeping.

If none of these work then you can always take inspiration from this Lay's Commercial to come up with your own way to watch the World Cup.

Happy cricket watching ... Kyunki #YehGameHiHaiTasteKa

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