On our daily grind to and from the office (or college, or wherever it is that many of us while away our time), we come across a lot of madness on the road. Borderline dangerous you might even say. But after seeing this video, you might want to have another look at your definition of a ‘dangerous road’.

A video that has been uploaded by Charanpreet Singh , has gone viral, with many claiming it to be the ‘most dangerous road in the world’. And by the looks of it, they’re not far off.

In the video, the road looks like it’s barely wide enough to carry a car, so God help you if there’s a vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

Oh and did we mention what looks to be a sheer drop in a valley below on the left of the road?

In fact, this is just one in series of videos that Charanpreet has uploaded on YouTube, documenting India’s most dangerous roads. You can check out the video here:

For more of his videos, check out his YouTube channel here .