You know those times, when you look at something and your heart instantly breaks? A part of you starts to shatter? With every passing minute it just hurts more? If you're a foodie, you know exactly what I'm talking about. We have all been through it a lot, and this post is just a little reminder of how bad it felt.

Here are 10 of the world's saddest sandwiches, made by people who just want to watch the world burn. *sobs*

1. Maybe a little plastic for lunch?

Source: Failblog

2. Are we allowed to make fun of small things now?

A man was served this sandwich (sort of) in the Edinburgh airport. The yolk might be the smallest anyone has ever seen.

Source: Mashable

3. Where's my cheese?

A woman bought this sandwich in the Shatabdi express. Taking kanjoosi to another level?

Source: Dailybhaskar

4. Well at least the stuffing looks fine?

Source: Huffingtonpost

5. And you thought peanut butter and cheese was a weird combination.

Source: Wolrdwideinterweb

6. And the worst cost cutting idea award goes to...

Source: Genastoneman/twitter


A perfectly good amount of amazing stuffing, just went down the drain in a world with functioning taste buds. What has this world come to?

Source: Dailyedge

8. Ramen for bread?

People have no idea how much they're disrespecting food by coming up with these disastrous ideas. *tries not to tear up*

Source: Buzzfeed

9. Main ingredients: LIES.

Source: Thatsnerdalicious
Source: Thatsnerdalicious

10. How much sauce is too much sauce?


Source: failblog

This breaks us as much as it breaks you.