Now, try to list the elements your eyes rest on. A gorgeous model, a 36 C lacy bra, a not-so-extravagant discount and a fleeting glance at the brand of the lingerie, in this very particular order. Right?

Here, have a long, clear look at the ad:


So where does the Father’s Day peg even fit in?

Well, Triumph, the lingerie brand saw all the reasons to associate their range of inner wear with Father’s Day on 21st June. And the brand did not stop right there. What followed was a 15% discount on the lingerie to mark the eve of Father’s Day! And it was only an indication of the territory the brand was treading, what followed was an utterly disgusting and incestuous tagline which got the brand stripped to their briefs (pun intended):

Social media was quick to ridicule the offensive ad and the movement gained an even bigger momentum with Bollywood celebs viciously attacking the illogical marketing gimmick. Some prominent B-town celebs like Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter to blast the ad:

Former model Dino Morea was equally disgusted:

And others compared it to the already under-the-scanner AAP ad:

While the B-town ladies were naturally uncomfortable at the ‘brief’ given to the agency:

However, the bigger question is, shouldn’t the publications turn down such ads on moral grounds?