Spotting fancy automobiles or their inexpensive counterparts in India isn't difficult. From Lamborghinis and Ferraris to Maruti 800s, bicycles and bullock carts, we've seen them all. But if you thought this was it then you're in for a surprise. Call it imagination or jugaad, there are some vehicles so brilliantly designed that they will definitely blow your mind. Here is a list of 15 such vehicles spotted in India:

1. The ghoda gaadi

Source: Source: Indianfunnypicture

2. These heels are made for driving

Source: Source: Myindiapictures

3. Get a hold of this one if you want to quit smoking

Source: Source: Sudhakaryadab

4. This is how you stand out in a crowd

Source: Source: Autoevolution

5. And you thought you could only eat one

Source: Source: Telegraph

6. A two-wheeler with a roof

Source: Source: Funnfun

7. A two-wheeler that can ferry at least seven people

Source: Source: Freakypic

8. Travel photography just got owned

Source: Source: autorevolution

9. An auto or a van?

Source: Source: Bargad.wordpress

10. An interesting rural utility vehicle you'll find here

Source: Source: Thegaurdian

11. The coolest bailgaadi ever made

Source: Source: Skyscrapercity

12. How often do you see a heli-rick?

Source: Source: Pak101

13. That's how you give a car a 'royal treatment'

Source: Source: thechive

14. Because two seater bikes are so overrated

Source: Source: Worthpix

15. This is the fanciest cycle-rickshaw you'll see today

Source: Source: sakthipadithathilpidithathu

Only if our roads were full of these!