The online retail industry in India recorded a worth of a whopping 16 billion dollars USD in 2013 and continues to flourish with each passing year. The number of online customers has also gone up to around 10 million with a number of e-commerce websites coming up everyday. Websites like Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon continue to lure customers with their special schemes and packages. But amidst all this, delivery goof-ups have become a common phenomenon. Soaps instead of smartphones and junk instead of DSLR cameras, here are 10 occasions when these websites failed miserably:

1. A man ordered a Samsung smartphone from Snapdeal and got a bar of soap instead!

Samsung might not be the best phone to buy these days, but it is definitely better than a bar of soap!

2. Another person ordered a Samsung phone from Flipkart and got a marble instead.

A beautiful, smooth white STONE.

3. Flipkart sent an empty box instead of a pen drive, not once, not twice, but thrice!

Oh come on! Are we paying for air now?

4. When a customer got cow dung smelling stone instead of a cream scrub. Holy cow!

Guess they took the fact that cow dung is healthy for us a little too seriously.

5. This guy ordered a Nikon D800 and got junk delivered from Flipkart.

Perfectly packed junk!

6. When a customer who ordered Moto G from Flipkart looked something like this :

Nimbu ki shakti aur hazaron foolon ki khushboo, anyone?

6. A man was expecting the delivery of his Macbook Pro from Snapdeal when he got a heater worth rupees 600 instead.

Burn, Snapdeal, burn!

This image has been used for representational purpose.

8. When Flipkart delivered Parle G biscuits instead of a Moto X .

G maane genius, Flipkart!

9. A woman purchased a pair of shoes from Snapdeal and she got two coconuts inside the package .

10. This guy received a 555 soap instead of a Moto G phone.

Having similar proportions doesn't make a soap a phone, dear Flipkart.

So the next time you order that expensive phone, watch out, for you might get an expensive stone instead!