Bollywood had taught us to be on the lookout for ‘The One’ pretty much since our childhood, and we’ve all spent a lot of time actively seeking them out, only to realise that it doesn’t work that way. What does it feel like to be finally dating that guy ? How can you tell you’re with him? Read on to find out!

1. You trust him with your eyes closed, and you know he deserves it.

2. You can share your deepest fears with him without the fear of being judged.

3. The only person you dress up for is yourself. He thinks you’re stunning no matter what you wear.

4. No matter how much time you spend with him, you always wish you had five more minutes to spend together.

5. But at the same time, you don’t struggle to keep in touch all the time. You enjoy your own space, and he appreciates that.

6. He’s genuinely happy to see you doing well in your life. He has no insecurities, and makes no comparisons.

7. He encourages you and pushes you to achieve more everyday. You’re a better person thanks to him.

8. He always, always listens to you, even if it’s just a senseless rant.

9. You can’t even imagine living without him, and you know that you’ll never have to.

10. He knows just how to make you smile.

11. You don’t think you’ll ever get bored of being with him.

12. You’ve seen a lot of hot guys, but none of them ever make you feel the way he does.

13. You feel completely secure in your relationship. When he tells you about the colleague who has been hitting on him, you laugh.

14. The way he looks at you gives you warm fuzzies every single time.

15. You connect so well, that you don’t even need to speak. Just spending quiet time together is great too.

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Have you found your guy yet? How did you know he was the one? Share your experiences in the comments section.