Arya Stark. Daughter of Lord Eddard Stark, the head of House Stark and Warden of the North. Phew! With a name that mighty behind her, this girl is undoubtedly one hell of a character we meet in the Game Of Thrones series. She may be young and kiddish but not for once can we title her a weakling of the show.

She’s strong, adventurous and full of surprises. If you think you exhibit these qualities and can relate to the adventures of Ms Stark, these 14 points describe you perfectly:

1. You are often referred to as the ‘tom-boy’ or the ‘jhalli’ of your group.

2. You’re an ambitious bee, who’s brave enough to go after what she wants.

If it’s sword fighting then it is sword fighting. No sewing!

3. Rebellious is your middle name. You challenge conventions and stand by your opinion and dreams.

4. Your mother is often found screaming, “kapde toh theak se pehen lo!” , “baal theek karo!” and “Ye kaise kaise shauk paal rakhe hai?”

And you’re just like..

5. You’re also a mischievous little brat who has a knack for causing trouble.

What is life without a little fun?

6. You’re an adventure junkie, an explorer. You never know when you might find that secret tunnel like Arya.

7. You take on challenges and sorrow bravely. A tough-skinned dame is what you are!

8. You’d rather do things you love in your spare time than spend it with people/your boyfriend.

Much like Arya Stark, who’d rather wield a sword than marry a knight.

9. If you don’t agree with something, you unsparingly let the world know.

“I HATE Septa Mordane!”

10. You’re a compassionate individual. You feel for the ones who’re suffering.

You’d rather be friends with someone like Mykuh, the butcher’s boy than a Joffery!

Source: gotrecaps

11. But you don’t spare the ones who’ve sinned.

Even if they’re super nice to you. We all know how it ended for the Hound.

12. You’re a complete daddy’s girl.

13. You are full of surprises. And are most often unpredictable.

14. The best part about you is that you go with the flow, are super humble and care deeply for the ones who matter to you. Even if they aren’t your family!

All you need to know is that you’re an amazing human being who can take on any challenge just like Arya. People around you admire you for your attitude and strength. You gotta keep it going!