We all face a ton of hurdles when we’re young. They seem really enormous and difficult at the time, but with a little help, we can overcome anything that comes in our way. If you’ve got something that’s got you down, visit Advice Adda and talk it out.

1. Your irritating teachers and your uptight principal aren’t the worst people you’ll meet.

2. Not coming in the top 5 ranks in your school doesn’t matter!

3. No, that special person in your class isn’t your soulmate for life!

4. Start a social networking website and call it Facebook! If it’s already in existence buy as many shares as possible!


5. Don’t feel bad about being different! In the future, that’s what will help you stand apart!

6. Track down Uday Chopra and stop him from becoming an actor!

7. Join the gym when you’re 16 or 17 so it doesn’t seem so daunting in your late twenties!


9. Seriously, SAVE YOUR MONEY!

10. Don’t stay pissed at your parents! They are the only ones who’ll be truly there for you!

11. Don’t wait forever to chase your dreams! Go after them!

12. Patent the words ‘selfie’ and ‘twerk’ because they are going to be used a lot in the future!


13. Don’t judge people around you because the world will judge you back!

14. Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT watch Love Story 2050.

All gifs via: tumblr