When you think about murderers and stone-cold killers, it mostly brings pictures of burly, monstrous adults to mind. We wonder how they went from being innocent little children to these disturbed individuals. There are, however, a whole lot of cases through time of children not just killing other people, but even admitting to enjoying it. Whether it’s because of family problems or psychological issues, these are some of the most scary cases I’ve ever heard of.

Here are some of the youngest killers ever apprehended.

1. Joshua Phillips, 14: Killed girl with baseball bat

Joshua was playing baseball with his 8 year old neighbour Maddie when the ball hit her and she started crying. He claims he hit her with a baseball bat to shut her up, but ended up killing her. He then hid her body under his bed. He was convicted of 1st degree murder and sentenced to life.

Source – murderpedia

2. Eric Smith, 13: Strangled and sodomised a 4 year-old

Eric was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder . He murdered 4 year old Derek Robbie by choking him, then dropped rocks on his head and sodomised him with a tree branch. He was arrested in 1993.

Source – tumblr

3. Paul Henry Gingerich, 12: Shot a friend’s father

Paul, along with his friend Colt Lundy, planned to run away to Arizona together. They knew that Lundy’s stepfather would catch them however. On the night of 21st June 2010, Paul and Colt shot Colt’s stepfather 4 times in the chest. Gingerich was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Source – reveal

4. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both 10: Sexually assaulted and murdered a 3 year-old

This terrible duo lured 3 year old James Bulger while he was waiting for his mom. They took him around a canal where they put him through a gruesom physical and sexual assault before dumping his body on a railtrack. They were arrested and placed in rehab units, but were released in 2001. The motive still remains unknown.

Source – chrisukorg

5. Daniel Bartlam, 14: Killed his mother with a hammer

In 2011, Daniel murdered his mother while she was asleep by hitting her on the head 7 times with a claw hammer. He then proceeded to burn the body. The police figured it out however, and he was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Source – tumblr

6. Barry Dale Loukaitis, 14: Killed 3 people in a school shooting

Suffering from certain psychological issues and a host of family problems, Barry is said to have been inspired by popular culture, taking the lives of 2 students and one teacher and quoting Stephen King lines through it. He is currently in jail.

Source – wonderslist

7. Graham Young, 14: Poisoned his family

Graham was a chemistry genius with serious mental issues, which is a pretty deadly combination. At the age of 14, he was making and poisoning his own mother, father and sister. It is unknown exactly how many people he poisoned but it’s upward of 70. He was known as the ‘Teacup poisoner’.

Source – murderpedia

8. Mary Bell, 11: Strangled a 3 year-old

Daughter of a dominatrix prostitute, 11 year old Mary killed 2 kids. In 1968 London, She and an accomplice strangled to death a 3 year old boy and one 4 year old boy.She said she did it for the joy of killing. She received a prison sentence but walks free today.

Source – abc

9. Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson, 11 and 13: School shooting spree

In 1998, these 2 Arkansas boys went on a shooting spree in their school. It resulted in the death of 4 students and a teacher, as well as injuring 10 others. They were arrested, but both of them walk free today.

Source – wikia

10. Amarjeet Sada, 8: Killed 3 girls

in 2007, Sada was convicted of the murder of 3 girls, which included his siter and his cousin. Apparently suffering from psychological problems, Sada killed his 8 month old cousin with a rock and strangled one of the other victims. He will walk free when he turns 18.

Source – therichestimages