Yuvraj Singh is quite a prankster, both on and off the cricket field. Add to that his activeness on social media and his contemporaries better be on their toes. However, Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and his wife Sania Mirza let their guard down recently when they posted their dubsmash video, dancing with the Pakistani cricket team on a popular Bollywood track.

Here’s the video:


However, the prankster certainly did not expect a dance challenge coming his own way. Yes! The friendly banter turned into a dance face-off when Shoaib Malik quickly responded to Yuvi’s tweet, daring him to put his own dancing skills on display:

What followed was pure Yuvi magic as he not only completed the dare but picked the most iconic step of the dance mozart Michael Jackson and showed Malik how it’s done!

How we wish Malik would have known: Youwecan!