Jul 13, 2017 at 18:45

17 Lesser-Known Instagram Poets You Should Follow If Poetry Is Your Thing

by Grace Bains

Poetry, to put it simply, is a slice of life. 

Using a bare minimum of words, poets say things that haunt the readers for a lifetime to come. Back in the day, people could be poets but not get published. However, with Instagram in the picture, even the closeted poets can finally come out. They can now show their words to the world and help people feel the pain, and feel a little less lonely. 

While a few poets like Rupi Kaur and Atticus have been around for a while and have built a considerable gathering, there are some new poets that equally deserve your attention.

Their fresh perspective and creative approach has helped them create verses that will be like food for your soul. 

1. Chhaya Dabas


You can follow her here.

2. Abhiuday (ofpoesy)


You can follow him here.

3. Jaya (whyjayawhy)


You can follow her here.

4. D. Kaur (_dkaur)


You can follow her here.

5. Vinati (writingsofvinati)


You can follow her here.

6. Khwaja Musadiq (poetofblues)


You can follow him here.

7. Pratishtha Khattar ( _paradoxandmetaphors_ )


You can follow her work here.

8. Nabi


9. Diksha Bijlani (dikshabijlani)


 You can follow her here.

10. Saru Singhal (baawri_basanti)


You can follow her here.

11. Nayha Sharma (lioness.with.a.pen)


You can follow her here.

12. Shoaib (official_shoaib_haneef)


 You can follow him here.

13. S (poetryof2am)


 You can follow here.

14. Ankahe Alfaaz (bealfaaz)


You can follow here.

15. A J Parmar (theconspiciouswriter)


 You can follow her here

16. Saksham (soulfulmusings_)


You can follow him here.

17. Rebecca (wildolivetree_)

You can follow her here.


Talent isn't always famous but it sure is everywhere.

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