If I tell you about the extent to which some heterosexual men are willing to force their unsolicited affections on women, you’d be shocked. The entitlement these guys possess is uncanny and abysmal. A man in Singapore literally sued a woman for getting what men often refer to as being ‘friendzoned.’


K. Kawshigan threatened Nora Tan with legal action for her unwillingness to maintain a romantic relationship with him. He filed two lawsuits against her. He seeks S$3 Million (approx. ₹18 crore) from her for damaging his “stellar reputation” and causing him “trauma, depression, and impacts”‘ Additionally, he sued her in the magistrate’s court for S$22 million for breaching the commitment to improve their relationship, reported The Straits Times.

Kawshigan and Nora became friends in 2016. Problems began to arise in 2020 on the different POVs of their equation. Nora viewed him as his “closest friend,” while Kawshigan wanted a relationship.

singapore man sues woman for denying relationship; she asked him to set boundaries
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Tan’s demand for setting boundaries and reducing their interactions was met with a letter of demand, warning her of legal action for “monetary damages arising from negligent infliction of emotional distress and possible defamation.” She had requested him to be “self-reliant.”

When she told him about her discomfort, he responded by giving her two options. She could either act in accordance with his demands or suffer from “irrevocable” damage to her personal and professional life.

She complied to participate in his counselling sessions, hoping it would help him understand her decision to not want a romantic relationship. However, after 1.5 years of redundant efforts, she stopped and pursued harassment proceedings against Kawshigan in April 2022.


Kawshigan also then filed two lawsuits against her. Alleging negligence on her part, he claimed to have suffered the loss in his earning capacity and business partnership along with “cost incurred on rehabilitation and therapy programmes to overcome the trauma he suffered.”

After he sued her for the S$3 million lawsuit, she secured an expedited protection order against him and engaged her lawyers to counter the suit.

The pre-trial hearing for the S$3 million High Court claim is scheduled for February 9.