Last week, a radio channel in Delhi successfully carried out a crowd-funding campaign to help a debt-ridden auto-driver who stumped everyone with his exemplary honest act of returning a bag worth Rs 8 lakh to a passenger.

And now, another heart-warming story is brewing in Mumbai where social media users are trying to raise money for an auto-driver who is forced to ply  the city with his two-year-old son in his lap.

The driver with his son makes for a heart-rending picture

Mohammad Saeed, a resident of Versova village in Mumbai, has been reportedly carrying his toddler son Muzammil to work. Saeed has no other option. His wife Yasmin has been left paralysed by a stroke and is bed-ridden.

Saeed also has a three-month daughter, who is being taken care of by a neighbour, as per a Mumbai Mirror report.

Saeed says he has been working round-the-clock, rushing every two hours to his wife to give her medicines and food. He also desperately needs money for his wife's medical expenses.

A filmmaker highlighted his story on social media

The case was brought to public notice after film director Vinod Kapri tweeted out the driver's picture and mobile number so people can get in touch with they for help. 

The post was shared widely with close to 1,500 retweets and now people are asking Kapri how they can help.

Today, Kapri also tweeted out Saeed's bank account number so whoever wishes to help can directly transfer money in his account.

ScoopWhoop News tried to contact Saeed but his number was switched off. Which is not surprising given how many people must be trying to get in touch with him,hopefully to help.

For hours now, people have been relentlessly asking for details and promising help.

We now hope this social media activism does translate to something concrete for Saeed and his family.