The current generation of Internet savvy users likes to go back to the popular BBC series - Sherlock - for its crime dramas. After watching the famous show, we all tend to think that we're smart enough to crack the case on our own. 

The Internet has come up with a painting about a dead body but people still can't figure out whether it's a suicide or a murder. Here, take a look for yourself:

Source: Yaplakal

Have you figured it out? A seemingly simple painting has left too many loose ends for us to untangle. Take a look at the body again.

There. Did you see it? While a lot of people think that it's a suicide, we strongly believe otherwise. This looks like a clear case of murder. Here are our reasons:

1) The person is clearly left-handed. The lamp is placed to the right side which is again a common tendency for a left-handed person. She is even holding a half burnt cigarette in her left hand so she obviously didn't shoot herself. 

2) Basic human behaviour suggests that we tend to finish all our work before committing suicide. So she would have finished her cigarette first before having to kill herself.

3) She's holding the gun the opposite direction where the blood splatter is at. The point of impact and the blood splatter speak otherwise.

4) When you commit suicide by gun your body releases all tension, meaning the gun would not be in their hand.

5) The light is unplugged, and you can see (what seems like) the night sky in the window. How could the person write a suicide note in the dark?


Source: Tumblr

But then there's an explanation for this being a case of suicide as well. 

1) The person may very well be right-handed. Look at the position of the pen on the table. It's positioned in a way that suggests that she was using her right hand to write.

2) There's a distinct blood trail in the image. If you lay your head down in that position, you will notice your muscles make a nice pathway for blood to pool at your collar bone, like in the picture. Meaning the wound would have to be on the right temple.

3) The ashtray and coke can on the left-hand side are because he uses his non-dominant hand for recreation.

Maybe that's the purpose of the painting. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

What's your theory? Do let us know in the comment section.