For fans of the Attitude Era in WWE, he is last survivor of that pedigree of old-school good-guy entertainers. He's the last true hero in the sport. It's easy to love him. But for some, it is easier to hate him.

Forget the ring where his actions speak as loud as his inspiring words. John Cena shares an unparalleled ability to draw attention. In the squared circle, he is Superman. But who is he without the cape? The answer: just the same and just as good. Fighting for what is right, regardless of what others think.

He walks out with that little piece of cloth which reads 'Never Give Up!' That is his anthem, it has been his mantra for the longest time now.

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His power lies not just in his ability to never give up, it can also be seen in how he persuades everyone else to act the same way. His character in the ring is shaped by what he truly believes in. And that's probably why he chose to keep his name. Most people have stage names, but John Cena has always been John Cena.

That's his ethos: being the good guy. For him, his heroes are like the men in the armed forces. And he performs for them whenever given the chance. Just because, and rightfully so, he knows that they make the ultimate sacrifice for something they believe in. It's not just them, for him it is all about the fans and everyone who puts him on a pedestal. 

Even if you hate him, he will be there and he will put on a show for you.

His reach is immense and Cena makes sure he uses his powers for good. Like when he supported the anti-bullying campaign, he branded all his merchandise as "Rise Above Hate". To him, kids are the most important part of his audience. And for kids, he will always be the hero. Whether it is small gestures like giving his armband or cap to ringside toddlers or making countless trips to hospitals and foundations where his young fans want nothing more than to meet him.

The record speaks. John Cena has granted more wishes than any other human in history, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. More than 500! Even though he trains and performs more than most entertainers, he still finds time. 

Based on a survey in 2015, he's the second most charitable athlete in the world, behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

His dedication is unreal. Inventing new moves, training harder, returning from injuries in three months when the docs says it will take nine. All he wants to do is perform for the WWE Universe. That's his ultimate goal. Win, lose or get beaten to a bloody pulp, he does it day in and day out. 

And now, closing in on 40, he has been crowned the world champion a record-equalling 16 times. An elusive dream that was set by Ric Flair and no other superstar ever hoped of achieving. 

But Cena did. 29th January, 2017, he got there!

Over the years, he hasn't put a single foot wrong. 

It's simple enough to understand why we should love him. But what baffles me is why do people hate him? Because of his pure freakish strength?

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Or because he keeps fighting even after being a bloody mess?

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People probably hate John because they can't believe such a good guy exists. They'll say things like, "he can't wrestle", or "he's an asshole is real life." So is that a question mark on him or us? Yes, he can turn the boos into cheers by turning heel and becoming the bad guy. But he refuses to do so. His character remains, because he wants it to.

After the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock left, he was the only man carrying the business. The face that runs the place. Austin had his anti-hero persona, Rock had his electrifying charm. John Cena is unique, a perfect blend of action, words and humour. He can sell out stadiums with a 15-minute appearance. With just as many fans as haters, he remains the most polarizing superstar in sports entertainment history. And if he wasn't the greatest, they wouldn't have crowned him champion for the 16th time. Think about it.

It's best to conclude this in his own words. Forget his attributes and love him for what he is. It is time  that we all rise above hate.