Beef Fests were held in various parts of Kerala on Saturday to protest the Centre's decision of banning sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter, mainly by Left parties and the Congress.

But it was a protest held in communally sensitive Kannur by the Youth Congress that has attracted a lot of criticism and come under fire from the opposition.

Members of the Youth Congress slaughtered cattle in broad daylight and in public for its beef fest. 

The video was tweeted out by BJP Kerala state President Kummanam Rajashekaran on Saturday:

As per a report by The News Minute, the slaughter took place at the Kannur city Junction, near the harbor.

Youth Congress leader Rijil Makkutty is heard in the video saying, “The government’s decision is an act of cruelty against a large population. To oppose this we will slaughter cattle in public and we will distribute the meat to the public.”

The video further shows members shouting slogans like ‘Youth Congress Zindabad’ and ‘Narendra Modi you can’t ban beef’ before going ahead with slashing the cattle's neck with a butcher’s knife. 

The video shows three children standing nearby watching the entire thing.

Rijil in fact admitted to butchering a buffalo to The News Minute and argued that "this was our form of protest." He also refused to accept that any child witnessed the slaughter.

Many social media users including BJP members condemned the move. Many also claimed the butchered animal was cow: