Indian team bounced back hard after losing the first test to Australia in the 4 match Test series with the aggressive leadership of Virat Kohli. But, due to a shoulder injury, the skipper had to sit out on the bench for the final and series deciding Test match in Dharamshala. 

He might not be playing but he was very much the part of the action. Wondering how? 

Well, the Indian skipper displayed his utmost modesty by carrying the drinks on the ground for his team mates. 

Almost everyone was in awe by watching the aggressive captain bringing drinks with a wide smile on his face. Even Twitter couldn't help but appreciate the heartwarming move by Virat.

Indeed, he did.

Even former Australian cricketer, Dean Jones 'loved it'.

You say water boy, I say star boy!

There were a few jokes too, but all in good spirit.

Virat Kohli received a lot of flak in this test series by the Australian media. Imagine being called the Donald Trump of cricket! 

But, Kohli once again proved that actions speak louder than words. Proud of you Chikoo.