South Korea is a popular tourist destination for its lush greenery, a hilly countryside dotted with cherry trees, centuries-old Buddhist temples, and friendly coastal fishing villages. Giving a tough competition to neighboring countries, South Korea is a nation of modernity and prosperity with a  culture that possesses its own uniqueness. For those looking to visit this Asian gem and wanting some heads-ups on Korean language, here are 10 common Korean phrases you should know before your trip.

1. Love the delicacies of the Korean cuisine? Don't forget to tell it to the chef. 

2. Bumped into an interesting local but don't know how to converse with him in Korean? Don't worry! Just tell him. 

3. When shopping your heart out in Korea, do ask the shopkeeper the price. 

4. Confused about what a local offered you? Don't hesitate and ask. 

5. When out at an authentic Korean restaurant, ask for the menu like this. 

6. Feeling like your health is not being your best pal on your trip? Get yourself checked. 

7. Lost on your way and want to grab a local's attention? Shout out.

8. Was a local in Korea great company? Make sure you tell him this. 

9. While taking a cab ride in Korea, show your tourist etiquette by saying this. 

10. And when flying back to your country, don't forget to bid your Korean buddies goodbye. 

And once you return back home, hold your passport in your hand and say to it - Saranghamnida (I Love You).