Republic TV has surely taken up Lalu Prasad Yadav's case. The two locked horns again on Wednesday when a Republic TV journalist Aditya Raj Kaul confronted and ambushed Lalu Prasad Yadav, who in turn totally lost his cool.

Yadav, who was in Delhi for a meeting, was asked about his relationship with underworld don Shahabuddin which at first, he conveniently chose to ignore. 

However, the reporter kept pressing him saying that he is just doing his duty. After repeated provocation, the RJD supremo lashed out at the journalist and hurled a few abuses at him and left the scene fuming.

Here is the video of what happened:

As the video shows, the exchange of words wasn't far from both from the news channel and the politician's side. While the journalist accused Lalu of doing "ghotala par ghotala" (scam after scam), Lalu hit back saying the channel is being run on "Modi's money". 

A similar thing happened when another journalist named Parikshit from Republic TV asked Lalu the same question. 

As the video shows, Lalu at first is rubbishing the charges of links with jailed criminal Mohammad Shahbuddin. But when the reporter tells him that she misbehaved with the previous journalist of Republic, Lalu loses his cool and snaps, "De denge do mukka naach ke gir jaoge (will give you two punches and you'll fall down dancing)."

The aftermath

Both the incidents, in span of a single day, has surely angered Arnab Goswami and the channel is is now mulling to file a police complaint against Lalu

Republic also launched a full-fledged debate with #NetasMindYourLanguage and questioned other media houses to speak up on the issue

Interestingly, in the same debate, a panel member pointed out how journalists also should not overstep their boundaries