A Song of Ice and Fire fans have evidently worn out their capacities, waiting for the next book in the series.

The last one, A Dance with Dragons, came out 7 years ago! Naturally, everyone is left wondering as to what George R. R. Martin has been up to.


A Facebook page, What’s George Doing Today, clearly shares our agony, and to add humour to the otherwise frustrating situation, they put on their thinking caps to imagine what the ‘very busy fantasy author’ is actually doing!

The results are absolutely hilarious.

After all, a writer’s primary concern is to feed the hungry!

And then he fantasized and slept. Once again!

No, he actually went there to see which animals can he put in his book – the book he never writes!

That’s way too much use of the wrists for one day!

And his Christmas wish list… everything except the darn books!

He was actually figuring out first hand, how Danny feels on the dragons.

When it started with “I’ll do it tomorrow”, but it’s been 7 years!

Yes, after all, you need a little relaxation after all the ‘not writing’.

And Santa must have told him that he has been on his ‘naughty list’ for 7 years!

Because priorities…

From the look of things, it’s going to be a long wait for us fans.

All images are from Facebook.