Dear, Leo. Don't get angry at me, please. You'll find these funny, I promise.

1. Because Leos take self-love to a whole new level.

2. A Leo is always the best.

3. What's more breakable than glass? A Leo's ego.

4. Revenge is your favourite dish.

5. Your FOMO is way too real.

6. Leos don't have a short fuse. Everyone else just isn't on the same page as them.

7. Extravagance, thy name is Leo.

8. Leos be like, "I just went to 12 parties this week, why am I broke?"

9. There's a special place in the house where Leos keep all their grudges safely.

10. Attention. Please give a Leo lots of it.

11. Don't waste your time arguing with a Leo. They're always right.

12. Socialising. Leos love lots of it.

13. Don't challenge a Leo, okay.

14. On Leo's heightened self-importance.

15. Leo's be like, "But I dressed up and all."

16. On Leos loving a good argument.

17. Leos and their love for looking all fancy.

18. The FOMO is strong with Leos.

19. Life is unfair when things don't go a Leo's way.

20. On Leos being their own soulmate.


Design Credits: Kumar Sonu