The Noida Metro Rail Corporation decided to dedicate their sector 50 station in Greater Noida to the transgender community. 

Ambinity Community

Earlier they wanted to call the station “She-Man” which was offensive to  people belonging to the trans community. However, learning from their mistakes, it will now be called the “rainbow station”. 


In a first of its kind inclusive initiative, NMRC revealed that the station would provide special facilities along with employment opportunities to the trans community. 

Deccan Herald

On Wednesday, NMRC Managing Director Ritu Maheshwari further confirmed: 

The NMRC has received a number of suggestions from individuals and NGOs regarding a suitable name for the station which would correctly signify and represent the essence of the community. Keeping these suggestions in mind, the NMRC has decided to name the station as ‘Rainbow’ station. 
NY Times

Through this noble initiate to empower the trans community, NMRC is taking a big step towards in creating an inclusive environment for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

They’re celebrating the true spirit of the pride month! 

Financial Express

The fact that NMRC decided to change the initial offensive name of the station to an empowering one gives us hope that there is scope for developing gender sensitisation and inclusivity in our society.