While our country seems to be conveniently ignoring the moral and legal rights of the LGBT community, halfway across the world, a gay man has become the first ever Muslim to have a same sex marriage.

24-year-old Jahed Choudhury, with roots in Bangladesh, got married to his partner Sean Rogan, 19, becoming Britain’s first ever Muslim man to have a gay wedding! 

But it wasn’t all that easy for Jahed always. Growing up, Jahed had a miserable time with everyone criticizing him for being gay. He was considered the black sheep of the family and was bullied wherever he went.

“I stood out like a sore thumb – I never liked football, I preferred watching fashion shows on TV. I remember feeling trapped.”

The discrimination was everywhere. A group of people brutally attacked him outside the mosque where he had been going for the past 15 years. The mosque eventually banned him from entering. 

He told Daily Mail:

“It went all over school, people would spit on me, empty the rubbish bins on me, call me a pig and the Muslim people would shout haram.”

So much was the pressure on him to ‘change’ his sexual orientation that he made a girlfriend, changed his social circle, took medication and even went on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. 

But when it became too much to bear, Jahed decided to put an end to this misery by taking his own life. But fate had some other plans for him. On the day when Jahed was all prepared to end it all, he met Sean, and a new hope for life. 

He told the Daily Mail:

“I was crying on a bench and Sean came over and asked if I was okay. He gave me hope at one of my lowest points and he’s stood by me all the way.”

Soon, they became a couple and started living together. After dating for 2 years,Jahed proposed to Sean on his birthday and the two got married in the presence of their friends and family, in Walsall, England. 

The couple wore traditional Bangladeshi clothes while exchanging vows and are extremely happy about their new beginning. 

At the same time, Jahed has a message for everyone going through a tough time. 

In his words:

“I want to say to all people going through the same thing that it’s okay – we’re going to show the whole world that you can be gay and Muslim.”