Even though 2020 has been strange overall, it has been a defining year for LGBTQ representation in both movies and TV shows. From web series to movies, this was a wonderful year for the diverse spectrum of genders and sexualities. 

So, here is a list of all the LGBTQ characters in series and movies who lowkey made this year their own:

1. Vanya Hargreeves – The Umbrella Academy

In the second season of this supernatural series, Vanya discovers her true sexuality after she falls in love with her kind-hearted friend, Sissy. 

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2. Cheeni – Paatal Lok 

Cheeni’s character was portrayed by a real-life trans woman who through her struggles displayed the inhuman treatment of the LGBTQ+ community in the series.  


3. Fabiola Torres – Never Have I Ever

Fabiola, who was the main character’s smart best friend spent the entire season coming to terms with her sexuality and finally admitting it to herself.

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4. Ellie Chu – The Half Of It

Even though she tries helping a high school jock impress a girl he has a crush on, she finds out that she is the one who fancies the girl. 

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5. Eric Effiong – Sex Education 

Eric has proudly been forthcoming about his sexuality in the series. Not only is his character quirky and colourful, but his willingness to always help his best friend made him stand out. 

6. Leah Mandelbaum – Unorthodox  

Even though the show was about a young Jewish girl who runs away from her orthodox community, it was her mother Leah who showed some real courage. Not only did she flee from her orthodox community, she also proudly lived with her lesbian partner. 


7. Archie Coleman – Hollywood

Archie was an African-American aspiring screenwriter who perceived the world through his character what a gay man would have to do in the early Hollywood era to make ends meet. 


8. Emma and Alyssa – The Prom

The story revolves around a high school girl who just wants to go to prom with her closeted girlfriend. The two girls take a treacherous journey towards inclusivity in a conservative small town.   


9. Dani and Jamie – The Haunting of Bly Manor

Dani moves into an Essex mansion as an au pair and meets the in-house gardener Jamie there. Gradually both fall for each other giving new meaning to true love.

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10. Joe and Nicky – The Old Guard

As part of an elite team of immortal assassins, these two shatter the stereotype of queer characters’ not being ‘macho enough’ to be deadly killers. Furthermore, their grand declarations of love for each other gave us some much-needed warmth amidst the high action.


11. Sydney Novak – I Am Not Okay With This

Even though she was dealing with a lot of things after the death of her father, she realized quite soon that she was in love with her best friend Dina and proudly acknowledged that she was gay. 


12. Namrata Bidasaria – Mismatched 

The sweet and bubbly best friend of the protagonist seamlessly showed us what being a closeted gay person is like in this country, especially in a small town.


13. D.L. Townes – The Queens’s Gambit 

Even though he broke the protagonist’s heart, all of it made sense when it was revealed that he prefers the company of men.


14. ACP Khan – Aarya

This Indian cop broke stereotypes and how. He was a Muslim homosexual who didn’t have to carry distinct mannerisms that make him look odd among others. His character normalized being gay among the Indian audience.  

15. David and Patrick – Schitt’s Creek     

Their bond, love and moreover, their extremely ‘normal’ relationship shunned all sorts of stereotypes associated with the LGBTQIA community. Their romance made the audience cheer for them and their beautiful wedding made us cry our hearts out. 


Tough, wholesome and fresh. Each and every character made the audience perceive the world through their eyes this year and we’re thankful for it.